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Star Attachments Turn a Forklift into a Whole Fleet of Equipment

Safety Work Platform
Safety Work Platform

Make your forklift an aerial work platform.

Crane Lift Box
Crane Lift Box
Lift Supplies, Materials, & Small Equipment to Elevated Decks, Roofs or Below Ground Level

Save the cost of a crane

Star Jibs allow you to lift higher
and reach further

Can be installed or removed by one man in minutes

Simple but Safe
Meets New Safety Requirements

Designed specifically for telehandlers

LIFT UP TO 12,000 LBS.

Improved Lift Hook
Lift Hook
niversal Fit Lift up to 12,000 lbs
Safely & Securely
Buttons will pause or remove video.

Safe, Secure, and Economical
Rated lift capacity 6,000 lbs.

"Universal Fit" or "Quick-Tach"

*  Shaft Mounted
*  "ITA" Mounted
*  Hook Mounted

Attachment Sales Are "Easy"
When you Know the "Secret"
For a number of years, some sales personnel have had great success with the Star Heavy Duty Forklift Attachments product line.  We recently asked one of these top producers to tell us his secret.

He said it was simple, he sells forklifts like he sells skid-steer loaders; "with attachments".  When he took on a new skid-steer line, instead of putting a few machines in stock and selling attachments from a catalog, he brought in a good stock of attachments.  Those "in-stock"; attachments sold the skid-steers!  He had what the customer needed, when the customer needed it, not just a catalog page.

From this experience he applied the same principle to selling his forklift line.  He not only keeps a good stock of forklift attachments in his yard but they are mounted on machines where they can be seen.  It lets everybody know, that this yard has the forklift and the forklift attachments that they need, in stock and ready to go to work.

He has proven that this "secret" works, producing great results.  We hope you try it and we wish you much continued success in your sales efforts.

13 Newest Products from Star Industries

Protect & keep your Augers organized

Places concrete in hard to reach areas

Can be used with both straight-mast and extendable-reach forklifts

Anywhere that intermediate handling of trash is needed

Make it safer with a Star
Industrial Work Platform

Long material can be handled easily and more safely with a spreader bar.

The Best Way to load and unload Rental Equipment

Turns your Forklift into a Loader
Rope release or
"New" Hydraulic release  trips bucket

Safety Loading Platform
Safety Loading Platform
Similar to the popular LOAD-N-TOW
but simpler and cheaper!