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for Forklifts

star with info on Narrow 1/2 yd Hopper
Self Dumping Hoppers


½ cubic yard Narrow
1 cubic yard
1½ cubic yard
2 cubic yard
2½ cubic yard
other sizes available
Heavy Duty - “Construction Grade”
Star Heavy Duty Self-Dumping Hoppers are constructed of 1/4" and 3/16" steel plate to withstand the use and abuse of a fast moving construction job. These are not the thin sheet metal hoppers you find in many industrial plants but rugged long lasting hoppers designed for the construction industry. Ideal for removing broken-up concrete, plaster, brick and other construction refuse.

Safety First ... these features are
standard on all Star Self-Dumping Hoppers.

red star bullitHopper Safety Lock - a separate lock prevents the hopper from inadvertently dumping when traveling over rough terrain.

white starRope Release - permits releasing the latch
from the ground or from the operator’s seat. Forklift
operator can discharge the hopper safely even when it is elevated.

blue star bullitSafety Chain and Grab Hook -
secures the hopper to the forklift. Ensures the hopper
will not slide off the forks when traveling or dumping.

self-dumping hopper
Universal Fit - Can be used with both straight-mast and extendable-reach forklifts. Pocket Base accommodates forks up to 10" wide and 2½" thick.
Safety Chain &
Storage Hook
Safety Lock
Release Handle
Rope Release
secures hopper to forklift and prevents hopper from accidentally sliding off forks.  The hook keeps the chain out of the way when not in use.
prevents accidental discharge
when transporting a load.
Must be disengaged before
hopper will dump.
can be used to trip the hopper
from the ground or from the
operators seat.
at the back of hopper can be
used to dump the load or...
pictures of safety features
Options - Heavy-Duty Casters - Lifting Hooks
Heavy-Duty Casters
Model 1800-05
Lifting Hooks
Model 1800-LH
Star Self-Dumping Hoppers are available with Heavy-Duty
Steel Casters and 8" diameter Polyurethane Wheels with
Roller Bearings. The combination of the larger wheel size, roller bearings, and the polyurethane tire material
makes it easier to push the hopper over
trash and foreign objects. Rear wheels
swivel for easy maneuverability.
Casters are bolted to hopper (not
welded) so they can be easily
replaced if damaged.
Optional Lifting Hooks (eyes) are available for handling hoppers with a crane. A hook is welded to each corner of the hopper.  Shackles should be used to attach slings to hooks. Heavy duty hooks are designed to handle the weight of
 the empty hopper plus it’s
full rated load capacity.

Please Note: Hopper can not be discharged while suspended with a crane.

(w/o casters)
(w/o casters)
(w/o casters)
1805N ½ yd3 4,000 lbs. 42" x 32" 49" x 32" 36" 420 lbs.
1810 1 yd3 6,000 lbs. 48" x 39" 62" x 39" 39" 605 lbs.
1815 1½ yd3 6,000 lbs. 55" x 43" 67" x 45" 46" 755 lbs.
1820 2 yd3 6,000 lbs. 57" x 58" 66" x 57" 48" 925 lbs.
1825 2½ yd3 6,000 lbs. 57" x 58" 67" x  57" 55" 955 lbs.
*Note: Weight capacity of hoppers with casters is 4,000 lbs. less the weight of the hopper.

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