Forklift Attachments

Every warehouse needs a forklift – get more out of yours with Star Industries’ selection of forklift attachments and accessories.

Star Industries offers USA made specialty forklift attachments, accessories and extensions, self dump hoppers and buckets, wire mesh handlers, heavy-duty spreader bars, work platforms, lift hooks, truss booms, replacement forks and bars, and more. Our forklift attachments can turn your forklift from one piece of machinery with a specific role into a versatile machine that can do the work of dozens – and at a fraction of the cost. Make your forklift safer and more versatile with our extensive line of forklift attachments and accessories. Move more and do more with your forklift today!

If you are looking for any specialty attachments and accessories for forklifts, give us a call at (800) 541-1797 or contact us online.